Certificate in C++ Programming (30 Hours)

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Course Description

This course will teach the student to object-oriented programming and study of the concepts of program specification and design, algorithm, and coding using a modern software development environment. students learn how to write programs in an object-oriented high-level programming language. topics covered include fundamentals of algorithms, flowcharts, problem-solving, programming concepts, classes and methods, control structures, arrays, and strings. by learning c++ Programming, you can create applications that will run on a wide variety of hardware platforms such as personal computers running Windows, Linux, UNIX, and mac os x, as well as small form factor hardware.


This short-term training program for c++ programming concept conducted by ETL LABS PVT LTD is a government certification program. As this institute is an authorized UPDESCO (a govt of UP undertaking) education center, so this certification programs for c++ programming concept is verifiable at State Govt Office and website. The duration of this course is 30 Hours.

Learning Outcomes

  • C++ Syntax
  • C++ Language  Fundamentals
  • How to Create Functions in C++
  • Explain how an existing C++ program works
  • Discover errors in a C++ program and describe how to fix them
  • Analysis a C++ program and describe ways to improve it

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 21 lessons Time: 30 hours
  • Introduction to C++ Programming Language   0/21

    • Overview of C++30m
    • C vs C++30m
    • Features of C++30m
    • Introduction to OOPs in C++30m
    • Introduction to Classes and Objects30m
    • Inheritance30m
    • Polymorphism30m
    • Encapsulation Example in C++30m
    • Abstration Example in C++30m
    • Data Type and Basic Input Output Function30m
    • Decision statements in C++30m
    • Different types of Loops30m
    • Arrays in C++30m
    • Function in C++30m
    • Pointers and its type30m
    • Classes And Objects
    • Function Overloading30m
    • Operator Overloading30m
    • Inheritance
    • File Handling30m
    • Exception Handling30m




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