Certificate in C Programming(30 Hours)

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Course Description

This course will teach you to learn the “C” programming from the ground up. You will learn everything from the very fundamentals of “C” programming right through to the complexities of pointers, addresses, and File IO.

C is one of the most important of all programming languages. It is used to program desktop applications, compilers, tools and utilities and even hardware devices. This course begins with a gentle introduction to C but quickly moves on to explain some of its most confusing features: everything from C’s ‘scoping’ rules to the curious connection between arrays and memory addresses. By the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding both of the C language itself and also of the underlying ‘architecture’ of your computer.


This short-term training program for “C” language conducted by ETL LABS PVT LTD is a government certification program. As this institute is an authorized UPDESCO (a govt of UP undertaking) education center, so this certification programs for “C” programming is verifiable at State Govt Office and website. The duration of this course is 30 Hours.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and construct effective algorithms.
  • Select and model data using primitive and structured types.
  • To develop programs using the basic elements like control statements, Arrays and Strings.
  • To solve the memory access problems by using pointers.
  • To understand about the dynamic memory allocation using pointers which is essential for utilizing memory.
  • To understand the code reusability with the help of user-defined functions and pointers.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 52 lessons Time: 30 hours
  • Introduction to C Programming Language   0/5

    • What is C language ?30m
    • History of C language30m
    • Features of C language30m
    • How to install C30m
    • What is compiler ?30m
  • Fundamentals of C Programming  0/9

    • First C Program30m
    • Flow of C Program30m
    • printf() and scanf() in C30m
    • Variables in C30m
    • Data Types in C30m
    • Tokens and keywords in C30m
    • Constant in C30m
    • Operators in C30m
    • Comments in C30m
  • Control Statements in C  0/10

    • if else Statement30m
    • Switch Statement30m
    • Loops30m
    • do while loop in C30m
    • while loop in C30m
    • for loop in C30m
    • break statement30m
    • continue statement30m
    • goto statement30m
    • Type Casting in C30m
  • Functions in C  0/3

    • What is function ?30m
    • Call by value and call by reference in C30m
    • Recursion in C30m
  • Array in C  0/3

    • What is Array ?30m
    • One Dimensional Array in C30m
    • Two Dimensional Array in C30m
  • Pointer in C  0/3

    • What is pointer ?30m
    • Pointer to Pointer30m
    • Pointer Arithmetic in C30m
  • String in C  0/10

    • What is string ?30m
    • gets() and puts() functions30m
    • String Functions30m
    • String Length: strlen() function30m
    • Copy String: strcpy()30m
    • String Concatenation: strcat()30m
    • Compare String: strcmp()30m
    • Reverse String: strrev()30m
    • String Lowercase: strlwr()30m
    • String Uppercase: strupr()30m
  • Structure in C  0/4

    • What is structure ?30m
    • Array of Structures in C30m
    • Nested Structure in C30m
    • Union30m
  • File Handling in C  0/5

    • What is File Handling ?30m
    • fprintf() and fscanf()30m
    • fputc() and fgetc()30m
    • fputs() and fgets()30m
    • End Page !30m




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