Certification in VB with Access Microsoft (80 Hours)

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Course Description

Certification in VB with Access Microsoft (80 Hours)

The main goal of the Certification in VB with Access Microsoft (80 Hours) is to enable the participant to create business applications with Visual Basic that utilize multi-tier application design strategy for maintainability and reusability. The hands-on exercises are focused on solving commonly encountered business problems. Certification in VB with Access Microsoft (80 Hours) course introduces the Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and its wealth of development tools. Students will learn to build effective user interfaces with Visual Basic controls, forms, and other GUI components. The Visual Basic language is covered in detail.


This 80 Hours certification course in VB and access Microsoft conducted by ETL Labs Pvt. Ltd. is a government certification course. As this institute is an authorized UPdesco (a govt of UP undertaking) education center, so this certification course is verifiable at State Govt Office and website.

Learning Outcomes

  • create simple Access tables and forms;

  • modify form design;

  • create a relationship between tables;

  • create simple select and crosstab queries

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 33 lessons Time: 80 hours
  • Topics Of Visual Basic  0/20

    • Introduction to VB Environment
    • Working With Controls-I
    • Working With Controls-II
    • Working With Procedures and Functions.
    • Concepts of Private & Public Procedure
    • Working with Forms
    • Looping
    • The Menu editor
    • VB Graphics
    • Create an Application
    • Error handling and debugging
    • Dynamic data exchange & OLE- concept
    • Database Concept
    • Creating Index using visual data manager
    • Find records using index values in data access object
    • Accessing data using SQL-Statements
    • Working with advanced control
    • Data Access Objects-DAO Concepts
    • Creating Application with Database
    • Concepts of Open database connectivity
  • Topic of Access Microsoft  0/13

    • Introduction Of RDBMS concepts
    • Primary & Foreign key Relationship
    • Creation & Managing Of Tables
    • Joining Of Tables ( On the Basis of primary key Abd Foreign Key)
    • Concept Of Data Types ( Validation , Caption, Index)
    • Creation & managing Forms
    • Creation Of Volumanar, Datasheet, Tabular Forms
    • Creation Sub Forms
    • Creation & managing Queries
    • Simple & Crosstab queries
    • Sql queries
    • Creating & Managing Reports
    • Columnar auto & Tabular Reports




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