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Course Description

Digital Marketing Master Course

A career in Digital Marketing Master Course typically involves using social media, search engine optimization (SEO) in order to sell products, brands or ideas. Education requirements for these types of positions vary, but a bachelor’s degree is a good idea for those who want to be competitive in their job search. Hands-on experience with marketing and SEO can also help to increase hiring opportunities.


This course can give you 21 certifications which are listed below:

  1. Google certificates in Adwords and Analytics (Internationally recognized) – 13 Google certificates
  2. Hubspot Certificates (Internationally recognized) – 6 Hubspot certificates in email, content, inbound, sales marketing to name a few.
  3. Semrush Certificate in SEO
  4. ETL Labs Certificate (UPDESCO Authorised and state level recognized centre)for completing advance digital marketing course.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are phenomenal with ample of demand for digital marketers across the globe, with a satisfactory package as a fresher in the field and 3 times more appraisal benefits in comparison to other fields.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 102 lessons Time: 148 hours
  • Topics Of Digital Marketing Master Course  0/4

    • Introduction to Program & Kickoff1h:0m
    • Getting Started with Digital Marketing
    • Constituents of Digital Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Process Framework
  • Topocs Of Website Creation Master Course  0/5

    • Types of websites
    • Key website terms
    • Buying Domain & Hosting
    • Configuring WordPress Basics
    • WordPress Customization
  • Topics Of Web Content Marketing Master Course  0/3

    • Introduction to Content Marketing
    • Most Popular Content Types
    • Creating Content Marketing Calender
  • Topics Of Social Media Marketing Master Course  0/15

    • Introduction to Social Media
    • Importance of Social Media for business
    • What does social media include
    • Social media marketing concept
    • Types of conversational marketing
    • Steps for creating & manage social media presence
    • Exploring Potential of Social Media Channels
    • Social Media Profile Setup
    • Social Media Learning
    • Social Media Content Planning
    • Posting & Scheduling content for social media with tools
    • Amplifying reach with social media advertising
    • Social media listening
    • Social Media Checklist
    • Social Media Reports
  • Topics Of Search Engine Optimization Master Course  0/13

    • Search engine overview
    • Introduction to seo
    • Introduction to Keywords
    • Keywords Selection Process
    • Content Optimization
    • HTML Optimization
    • Architecture Optimization
    • Webmaster Tools
    • Social Signals
    • Link Building Techniques
    • Local Seo
    • SEO Tool Overview
    • Google Algorithms
  • Topics Of Serach Engine Marketing Master Course  0/10

    • Introduction to google adwords
    • Introduction to campaign structure
    • Quick campaign creation overview
    • Campaign Best Practices
    • Ad Extensions
    • Keyword Match Types
    • Introduction to display Ads
    • Introduction to video Ads
    • Introduction to Adwords remarketing
    • Setting Conversion Tracking
  • Topics Of Web Analytics Master Course  0/8

    • Introduction to web analytics
    • Analytics Tracking code installation
    • GA structure
    • Key GA reports
    • GA Live Walkthrough
    • Setting Goals and Filters
    • What to watch
    • Tracking custom campaigns
  • Topics Of E-commerce Marketplace Selling Master Course  0/10

    • Introduction to Ecommerce Website
    • Selling products with woocommerce
    • Setting up a Saas store-­‐Live walk through
    • Shopping Ads
    • Introduction to Marketplace
    • Registering on Marketplace
    • Listing Your Products on Marketplace
    • Category & Pricing Overview
    • Shipping & Logistics
    • Tips to Increase sales
  • Topics Of Affiliate and Adsense Marketing Master Course  0/2

    • Making money with Google Adsense
    • Working as a Affiliate Marketer
  • Topics Of Email Marketing Master Course  0/6

    • Introduction to Email Marketing
    • Introduction to email list building
    • Types of marketing mailers
    • Setting Opt-­‐in S/w
    • Importance of segmentation
    • Introduction to Mass mailing
  • Topics Of Inbound Marketing Master Course  0/4

    • Orientation & Attracting Target Audience
    • Audience Aggregation
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Lifecycle Emails
  • Topics Of Online Reputation Management Master Course  0/4

    • Understand Why To Integrate Listening In Your Strategy
    • Overview Of Key Tools To Be Used For Online Listening
    • ORM Checklists
    • Understand Key Performance Indicators For Your Online Presence
  • Topics Of Lead Generation And Conversion Optimization Master Course  0/3

    • Getting Started With Lead Generation
    • Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Getting Started With CRO
  • Topics Of Online Media Buying  0/5

    • Introduction to online media buying
    • Online Ad Types
    • Online Media Buying Models
    • Online Media Targeting Options
    • Managing Ad Buying Campaign
  • Topics Of Online Marketing Strategy Creation Master Course  0/6

    • Key Score Discussion
    • Why To Build Integrated Strategy
    • Case Discussion
    • Task Assignment
    • Task Evaluation & Final Presentation
    • Award Of Course Completion Certificate
  • Specialization And Interview Preparation Master Course  0/4

    • Prepares You For Career Opportunities
    • Digital Marketing Selling
    • Lean Startup
    • Advanced WordPress




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