Learning Magento


Course Description

Learning Magento

This is a one-day introductory Learning Magento to the Magento Ecommerce system. Learning Magento is an awesomely powerful cutting edge open source e-commerce package that is quickly gaining a large following due to its impressive array of powerful enterprise-level features.

This Learning MagentoMagento Fundamentals Training Course will give you the background understanding and practical skills needed to get the best out of your Magento store. You will leave with a clearer understanding of some of the more complex principles in Magento and will learn how to leverage some of the core features of Magento to get the most out of your store.

Recommended Certification

Updesco Certified (U.P. Govt) Project Training

Learning Outcomes


Course Curriculum

Total learning: 27 lessons Time: 4 weeks
  • Getting Started with Magento CMS  0/8

    • What is Magento CMS
    • Installing ther Server or Localhost
    • Installing Magento with or without Sample Data
    • Exploring Magento Interface
    • Features in Magento
    • Benefits of Using Magento
    • Industry Trends
    • Touring My Account Dashboard
  • Setting up Your Store in Magento CMS  0/7

    • Setting Up Your Store Options
    • Setting Up New Products
    • Understanding Product Types
    • Managing Product Categories
    • Setting Checkout Options
    • Adjusting Tax Settings
    • Working with Shipping Methods
  • Setting Up Payment Gateways in Magento CMS   0/5

    • Exploring Payment Methods
    • Understanding Payment Gateways
    • Setting Up PayPal Payments
    • Setting Up Authorize.net Payments
    • Setting Up Google Checkout
  • Customizing Your Store in Magento CMS  0/7

    • Adding Pages to Your Store
    • Working with Blocks & Widgets
    • Changing Page Layouts
    • Adding Links to the Nav Bar
    • Adding Products to the Homepage
    • Working with Themes
    • Using a Custom Domain Name




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