Web Analytics Master Course

DM-13(web analytic)

Course Description

This course is designed to make you learn professional website development (for Marketers or aspiring marketers with limited programming knowledge )with the help of Content Management system. This course also includes Google Analytics and its major elements like User Management Systems and Filters, practical knowledge of Google Analytics, customer acquisition and user targeting and it will also cover World Wide Web analytics including user metrics of acquisition and various social listening tools. We ensure and focus on practical learning so one also have to complete the case study exercise to learn how large-scale brands leverage Web Analytics for business growth. This course is delivered by subject matter experts through Live Instructor-led classroom training with 24×7 access to high-quality e-learning content.


Learning Outcomes

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 15 lessons Time: 5 hours
  • Topics Of Web Analytics  0/3

    • Introduction To Web Analytics
    • Understand Importance Of Web Analytics
    • Know Why To Use Google Analtics For Tracking
  • Getting Started With Google Analytics  0/4

    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Understand Structure Of Web Analytics
    • Understand Difference Between Account,Property,View & User Access
    • Understand Dimensions & Matrices
  • Key GA Reports  0/4

    • Audience Report
    • Acquisition Report
    • Behavior Report
    • Conversion Report
  • Other GA Essentials  0/4

    • Setting Goals & Filters
    • Custom Campaign Management
    • Adwords & Webmaster Integration With GA
    • Setting Custom Reports




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