Course on Computer Concept (CCC)(80 Hours)

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Course Description

Course on Computer Concept (CCC)(80 Hours)

ETL LABS PVT LTD is conducting a government certification Course on Computer Concept (CCC)(80 Hours) to provide basic computer knowledge to all. You will learn everything from the basic level. After finishing the Course on Computer Concept (CCC)(80 Hours) the person should be able to the use the computer for basic purposes of preparing his personal or business viewing information on the internet.

 Computer Concept is one of the most important for a basic purpose. This course will teach you to do email, internet search, business presentation and some other basic things. This is a suitable course for any beginner or students for a bright future in the computer field. If any student wants to do his career in computer science, then this course will definitely help him because this is the course which built basic and it will help more in the future to understand other computer related topic easily.


This short-term training program for computer concept conducted by ETL LABS PVT LTD is a government certification program. As this institute is an authorized UPDESCO(a govt. of UP undertaking) education center, so this certification programs for computer concept is verifiable at State Govt Office and website. The duration of this course is 80 Hours.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course the student will be able to:-

  • Analyze and identify computer hardware, software, and network problems.
  • Install, configure, and remove software and hardware.
  • Make intelligent computer purchase decisions.
  • Use technology ethically, safely, securely, and legally.
  • Analyze compression techniques and file formats to determine effective ways of securing, managing systems.



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