Hiring for full time interns in Machine Learning and AI

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Front End Developer(Django & UI Design)

Job Description:

Hiring for full-time interns in Machine Learning and AI, A Frontend Developer contributes to the design, development, support, and maintenance of the User Experience of various components of our product. Requires strong knowledge and experience in Web fundamentals and UI technologies. Required to present demos/design review sessions to cross-functional teams.

Key Responsibilities:

• Design and Development of various products/components (Frontend)
• Bug fixes / Maintenance of the components developed as well as any other components
• To work closely with the backend team in building the product

Mandatory Technical Skills / Experience:

• BE in Computer Science or equivalent
• Strong Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills
• Should know how to go about complex/abstract problems and implement them
• Web fundamentals like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, CSS Frameworks, AJAX
• Strong knowledge of JavaScript frameworks/libraries like AngularJS, React JS, jQuery etc.
• Good knowledge of JS-based build tools like Grunt, Gulp, and Bower
• Good knowledge of front end unit testing frameworks
• Expertise in the Django Framework
• Strong knowledge of Git version control workflows
• Knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures

Soft Skills:

• Good written and oral communication skills
• An individual should be very passionate about User experience and be building great UI.

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