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About Decimal Technologies

Decimal Technologies:- We are thought-leaders in BFSI and Digital Technologies. We understand the speed that’s needed to keep you ahead in the market.

Our Enterprise-grade technology solutions help define your front end journeys, customize workflows, configure Intelligent decisions and Integrate with core systems and external entities. In short, we are here to transform your customer onboarding and fulfillment process digitally and that too with unprecedented speed.

Omni-channel Experience, Deep Learning and Digital Platform will define Your Future

From Web to Mobile to Omni-device, this is the era of Omni-channel experience. Algorithms built out of deep learning based Insights will make customer’s journey the most intuitive. Solutions built on top of ever-evolving platforms will help aspiring Enterprise move faster than its competitions.

At Decimal, we are gearing up for these challenges Industry is facing already. With our solution suite from Front end to Middleware, deep expertise to understand customer insights and Agile mindset, we are here to set you up to achieve your Business KPIs for each business unit, be it Customer acquisition, fulfillment or servicing.


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