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Shaashvat Infra world Private Limited specialised in service related to leisure, economic development and quality of living. The company has always strived for benchmark quality, customer approach, robust engineering in house research. The best interest of our clients always come first and we are dedicated to the development of long-term client relationship.

Since its inception, Shaashvat infra vision has been to seek out and provide the best possible real estate development solutions to our valued customers, clients and stakeholders. Our passion is to develop and position. Shaashvat Infra world as a lifestyle brand, a community with a soul of its own.


Its mission was clear: to engage in carrying out real estate business i.e. development of group housing projects townships, construction and development of projects.


Our Vision is to create world class living environment with unmatched quality of life for people who inhabit them and that fit to their hearts desire and imagination.