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Big Data Analytics

Certificate in Computer Programming (CCP) (UPdesco)

Course Description

Big Data And Analytics

Join the best Big Data Course in Lucknow, administered by IIM, IIT, BITS alumni! Our faculty and guest lecturers hold multiple years of international professional experience and patents in the field of Analytics. This Big Data And Analytics Solutions course are designed and mentored by IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus with multiple years of international experience and 7 patent filings in the field of Analytics.

In this foundation course, you’ll find out how the world is changing with the rapidly growing amount of data by the usage of Data Sciences and Analytics. You’ll be armed with tools and knowledge to enter into this world. You’ll gain real work life exposure from our industry experts to get the real understanding of how day-to-day life looks like for an analytics professional.

This foundation course is your gateway to analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence or AI.

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Course Details

Following Modules will be covered in this course:

Course Content

Total learning: 9 lessons Time: 12 weeks



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